GMEEDIA MUSIC is the music aspect under gmeedia brand that offer music lovers great musical services.

Gmeedia Music services includes;


Music promotion has been one of the major issues of upcoming artiste i.e how to get their songs to the right audience and at GMEEDIA we help artiste solve issues.

How do we promote;

  • We upload artiste songs with detailed descriptions on our sites which is dominated by music lovers to get their songs to a large audience


We are a tested, trusted, and reliable brand when it comes to the sale of musical instruments online. We have proven this over time with many recommendations on our Facebook page @gmeediamusic. We offer sale of musical instrument ranging from pianos, workstation, midi controllers, sound cards, etc for everyone who want to invest in music gadgets.


Music production plays a vital role in the success of a song and we offer great music production services from recording, studio session, beat making, mixing, mastering, etc to bring out the best in your song.

All songs are handled by professionals with standard equipments. Some of the equipments includes; 3 high-quality condenser microphones (Neuman, Rode and Akg perception), 3 analog compressors & 2 microphone pre-amps, 1TSL Master Limiter, Various kind of synthesizer and keyboards, 6 string bass and lead guitars, 2 eight inches and 1 five inches studio monitors, Presonus monitor, midi controller, etc.

Our music studio which is located in ladipo Lagos is the perfect place for your next single or Ep. A trial will convince you. contact us now.


We offer online detailed videos and pdf lessons from beginners to advanced and video materials to those who want to learn the piano at their convenience. Video lessons cover music theory, jazz lessons, diminish movements, drop 2’s, tritones, passing chords, etc. The piano lessons videos comes with a free vocal lessons and guitar lessons. Click here to check out some free lessons.

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